The Fire Station, Cheltenham

The Fire Station in Cheltenham has been open a while now; after not being able to make the grand opening and what with life being pretty hectic, it wasn’t until recently that we finally went to check it out. With the family in tow, one Saturday evening we entered the 110 year old building, that bares no…


Up, up and away

There aren’t many things that’ll get me out of bed before 7am on a day off; especially if it involves travelling a few miles down the road to hop into a basket that goes 3,000 feet up in the air suspended by a balloon with a great big hole in the bottom. Last Christmas I…


Christmas decorations from HomeSense

Working in eCommerce, the word Christmas comes about fairly early. Planning for it comes about when most of us are still looking forward to our summer holiday. So when I got invited to a Christmas event for TKMaxx and HomeSense in July, I wasn’t entirely surprised. The event was in London and I found out…


Thai delight at Thaikhun

We’ve never been to Thailand before, and if all we wanted to see of it was their equivalent of a used home ware store, then we’d have no reason to venture any further than Bath. The inside of new Thai restaurant Thaikhun is kitted out with genuine wares from Thailand, packed into a container and…


Bravas, Cotham Hill, Bristol

James and I are off on holiday next week and I cannot bloomin’ wait. We are off to Prague to hopefully do a mix of eating, sightseeing and relaxing. I’m hoping we’ll catch the tail end of summer and it’ll still be warm but Autumn appears to be ready to grace us with it’s presence….