Wild Worlds at The Wilson, Cheltenham

Last week James and I went along to the new exhibition at The Wilson Gallery in Cheltenham; Wild Worlds. An exhibition for young and old, or the likes of James and I that are somewhere in between. The exhibition is spread across multiple floors, starting at the bottom where children can let their creative juices…


Not Just Juice, Cheltenham

Having meat in my diet has dropped significantly in the last couple of years, not necessarily a conscious decision, it’s just something I’ve come accustomed to. We just don’t buy it that often and have found cheaper alternates that work just as well. I’ve attended The Vegan Fest in Bristol a few times now and…


A classy curry

Steph and I recently had a week off, and rather than explore a new and exotic city as we normally do when the opportunity presents itself, this time we decided to stay at home and enjoy some of the wonderful places and activities closer to home (read the full account here). It also gave us…


The Gin Festival

Last weekend, Blackfriar’s in Gloucester was lucky enough to host UK’s original, biggest and best gin festival. Gin has come a long way since the days it got the name ‘mother’s ruin’. It’s now one of the most popular spirits that works great in cocktails, straight or with a tonic. Gin makers are experimenting with…


Like pigs in muck

When I was young a walled garden had a magical appeal to me: I can’t put my finger on whether it was childhood stories which romanticised them, the fact that they were normally within the grounds of a castle or stately home, or simply the mystery of what was beyond the wall and the fantastic…


Staycation adventures

Holidaying in the UK used to be a regular occurrence for the family and I. We enjoyed holidays abroad as well but I remember weeks away spent in Cornwall, Devon and the like with glorious sunshine – it was almost as if you didn’t need to step on an aeroplane at all over the summer….